Instant Gratification & Marketing

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The chase for instant gratification in marketing often looks like “sales events.” Knowing when to use a sale and when to use other methods to get customers in the door makes all the difference.

The Anatomy of an Offer

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Vagaries and loopholes are the enemy. Specifics and clarity are your best friends. If you’re putting a special offer out there, do the things that make offers work.

Cubicalls: Press Pause

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"Is this that transactional-relational thing?" “I think so. Her business should be relational." “Why?" "We’ve been taking Buffy to our groomer for 10 years. You ever bathed and brushed a Bichon? Our groomer isn’t the cheapest. But I never miss an appointment."

The Real Way To Build Your Business

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You need 4 things… (1) A good steady flow of new customers. (2) A good steady flow of repeat customers. (3) Referrals. (4) Positive Word of Mouth (and this includes social media)

The Best Tool For the Job

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That day, my dad gave me the tool I needed to successfully check the pressure of tires. On the same day, he also gave me the greatest tool for customer service. “Aaron, the best way to make better tips is to stop thinking about them.”

Your Coupons Are Lying To You

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4 families in 5 use coupons, but not because the coupon instigated the purchase. Rather, they use the coupon because there was a coupon to be used.

The Path to Employee Empowerment

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The blind spot of most business owners occurs directly at EBITDA Net Profits. We lose sight of the long-game for what we have right in front of us.

Selling Magic

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Looking to close more sales? Try magic… Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. Like all great magicians, the power of your sales presentation is in the setup. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain.

Why Culture Matters

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My curiosity first peaked when I heard the phrase, “in any organization, culture eats strategy for lunch”. After 3 years of research on the subject following the scientific method, I’ve constructed and tested a hypothesis that I believe to be true.

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