What About SEO?

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A business owner says "I want to show up when someone is looking for a plumber. Shouldn’t we use the “near me” expression because it’s up 500%?" But aggregators that sell leads are dominating the SEO and PPC wars.

Do You Suffer from Feed the Beast-itus?

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You’re no longer a one-man-brand or only running a few trucks. You should be getting ready to hit breakthrough. And yet, the bigger your business gets, the harder it is to “feed.”

Who Cares?

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Who cares? 148.7 people, apparently. Dunbar’s Number has ramifications in social media, sure, but for small business, it has far more to do with marketing and influence and the importance of delivering a delightful customer experience.

GeoTarget or GeoFence? That is the question.

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You can decide to target: People who are regularly in your targeted location (i.e., they work or live in that area) People searching in that area, or People that are just in or show interest in that area.

Is Your Targeting Bass Ackwards?

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For example, let’s say that, through targeted media, I could reach 10 of my ideal, target customers for $10 a piece. Or, I could reach 100 customers for $1 a piece, but only 20% of them would be my ideal customer.

Targeting Through Ad Copy

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Attract the kind of clients who will see your business as a blessing. Clients that prefer you to the point of willingly paying a premium for the privilege.

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